How do I get a California Security Guard Card?

If you want to be a security guard in the State of California, you are required to obtain a Security Guard Card through the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS).To be eligible to apply for a Security Guard Card, you must meet the following criteria:

 Note: For Paper Application

Applicants may also submit their completed Application for Security Guard Registration and application fee by mail to the Bureau.

You can access the application at **

View the application fee by visiting **

 Mail the completed application and fee to:

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
P.O. Box 989002 , West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002

 For additional information, please visit the Bureau’s website at: **.

  • Application Guard Fee:  $55.00
  • Online Convenience Fee:  $1.00
  • TOTAL:  $56.00

Link to Live Scan forms and a  at:

Listing of Live Scan sites are available

  • Department of Justice Fingerprint Fee:  $32.00
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint Fee:  $17.00
  • TOTAL:  $49.00 + Live scan site fee

Upon BSIS receipt of the online Security Guard application and criminal history clearances, the cleared security guard will be visible on the BSIS website**.  You can check BSIS’s approval by visiting the BSIS’s website** and clicking “Verify a License.” Once your Security Guard Card is provided by BSIS or you begin employment as a security guard, you will then have 30 days to complete your next 16 hours of training.

*Regulations and costs outlined above are controlled by BSIS and the State of California and are subject to change. and BSIS are not affiliated.

**This link takes you directly to the BSIS website, and is not affiliated with